A Winter Packing Day

I’m moving house in a few weeks, so today I decided that I should start trying to pack up stuff that I knew I wasn’t going to use before then. I didn’t get very far. I’m currently living out of one room, so it’s not like I’ve got mountains to pack. It’s just that whilst I don’t have loads of stuff, I also don’t have loads of places to put stuff either.

I’ve managed to fit all my jumpers, winter pyjamas, scarfs, hats and a throw into my suitcase… just. There is no way the rest of my clothes will all fit into my large carry bag and rucksack, so I’m either going to have to hope there’s space in the big box, or leave some and come back for them later (I actually have the room until the end of August and I’m already planning on leaving books I’ve borrowed from uni until a later date so it wouldn’t be that much of a disaster).

Then I realised that I wanted to pack books away. They’ll be going into the big cardboard box that is currently masquerading as a bedside table. Except I used this box to get stuff up here when I moved in, and the moving people absolutely wrecked the bottom of it (luckily I’d padded with my duvet so nothing was broken)! So before I put ANYTHING in it, I’m going to need to patch it up again with parcel tape, and I only have regular sellotape right now, so no book packing for me tonight!

Last time I moved, I sent two boxes of stuff with movers and half of it I hauled across the country by train. My journey was eventful: I almost fell down the escalators on the underground; me and most of my stuff got soaked by a faulty air conditioner on the train, and a nice passer by had to help down the road from the bus stop at the other end when I almost had a break down in the middle of the street. Then the next day, I was nicely settled in my new room and waiting for the rest of my stuff to arrive. Only when it did turn up, they managed to only deliver the smaller of the two boxes, meaning I had to spend forever on the phone trying to track down the rest of my stuff. Not the smoothest of moves. Luckily, my friend is helping me with the move this time around, so the experience should be much less stressful!

Have you guys had any moving/courier nightmares? What about the worst travelling experience you’ve ever had? Let me know in the comments.


An Enquiring Day

(I know, I know I haven’t posted anything for over a month! I’m awful. I had an assignment due so I was spending all my time working on that and then, because I’d had a few days of not writing I got out of the swing of things. But enough of that, here’s today’s story of the day.)

So for a while now I’ve been searching for these biscuits I used to love, but couldn’t remember the name of. I didn’t know if I couldn’t find them because they’d been discontinued, or if they’d just changed the packaging and I wasn’t recognising them. Today, after extensive Googling, I found out what they were, and decided to send a message to the manufacturers, it read:

So I was trying to remember the name of a biscuit that I used to absolutely adore but hadn’t had for ages. I’d looked around all the major supermarkets thinking I’d know them when I saw them, but had no luck. ‘They’ve probably just changed the packaging,’ I thought to myself. So I turned to Google, which was easier said than done when you can’t remember the name of something. ‘Biscuits like hobnobs but honeycomb,’ I typed, pulling up the only bit of solid information about them I could remember. Nothing, so I trawled through biscuit companies, trying to jog my memory. Then I reached you. ‘FOX’S!! I’m sure they were Fox’s,’ but nothing on your website. I returned to Google disappointed, this time searching ‘Fox’s biscuit like hobnobs but honeycomb.’ Suddenly, half way down the page, a word jumped out at me: Ambers. YES!! That was it! I search again, Fox’s Ambers. A single supermarket comes back with a result. Waitrose. I click the link. Words I dreaded seeing flash up on screen. ‘This item is currently unavailable for ordering.’
Why Fox’s, WHHYYY?? Why did you stop making these beautiful biscuits. And the Praline ones. And the Caramel? What do you expect me to eat now? McVities Hobnobs?? Pleeaase, I beg you, BRING BACK THESE BISCUITS!!
Yours sincerely,
A very hungry customer

What were your favourite foods when you were younger? Any discontinued ones? Ever try and get them brought back? Let me know in the comments!

A Productive Day

You know it’s been a productive day when you end up writing your blog post for the day at 1:30am the following morning!

So, yesterday (!) I actually got myself down to the library. I didn’t get myself there until about 11, because first it took me forever to wake up and second I went via Asda to get library suitable snacks (which may almost be gone already!), but I got there. And there was actually study space available, which is always nice!

I sat in the library for about 3 hours and got my script extracts written and sent them to my lovely Mum for proofreading. Then I came home, and had some lunch.

Now, here comes the unproductive part. There is a reason I go to the library when I want to get shit done, and that’s that in the library I will actually work, whereas at home I will procrastinate like crazy. So my afternoon, mostly consisted of watching YouTube videos, scrolling down Facebook, Tumblr andTwitter, and reading pointless articles and lists.

Then it was dinner time (chicken stew, yummy) which I timed perfectly so I’d be sitting down with it as Doctor Who started… except of course it was the FA Cup so Doctor Who wasn’t at 7:15pm like it has been, it was 7:45pm instead (and it actually didn’t start until just gone 7:50pm, damn football!)

And then finally, after dinner, and Doctor Who, and doing the washing up, and getting ready to stick a wash on (I couldn’t actually stick a wash on until half an hour later as someone was already using the machine), finally after all that, I got on with the next part of my project. Which I was struggling a little with, until I came up with the technique of pretending I was talking to Jack and telling him all about my project idea, and then it went swimmingly!

And now I have finished that part too! So I just have a 2,500 word report left to write and 2 days in which to do it! Although God knows what time I’ll wake up tomorrow after not going to bed until who knows what time tonight. I still have to change some bedding! So I shall bid you good night, and after the usual fight with the duvet I will try and get some sleep!


A Sweltering Day

Today was hot. And I don’t just mean ‘going out without a coat on’ hot, I mean ‘melting into a puddle on the floor’ hot. It was so hot that I had to stop working after lunch, to go down to Argos and buy a fan for my room. The fan has been on for about 8 hours now and the temperature has decreased a grand total of one, maybe two degrees. Still it helped a lot when I first put it on which was something at least.

Other than that, not a lot really happened today. I bought more potato waffles to compensate for the ones I had stolen yesterday, and bought myself a pizza at the same time because who can be bothered to cook properly in this heat?

And of course I got on with my project for uni. Well I say got on with, I think I’ve procrastinated it more than I’ve done it, but I still have one part finished, and over 1,000 words of the next part, so progress is being made. Now the aim is to get a considerable amount more done of the second part tonight before I go to sleep. Then venture to the library tomorrow for some reading, so I can get the report done. And then there is one final part to do, but I need my tutor to email me the example before I can do that, so that bit will definitely come last!

And in a strange turn of events, I am currently having an amicable conversation with my father. I think I must have been transported into a parallel world, so I shall have to leave you there, so I can try and find my way back to reality!

An Emotional Day

Today had lots of ups and downs, so what better day to start off this blog on!

It started with me having to drop off Jack, my boyfriend, at the station. That’s always hard, especially on days like today when I know I won’t see him in person again for another week because of work commitments etc. And of course the bus went through early/didn’t show up at all so we had to wait for the next one, and only had a few minutes at the station to say goodbye.

Then I wandered around town for half an hour or so despite having work that I need to do for uni by Tuesday, because it was just so warm and sunny, I didn’t want to spend the whole day inside working.

When I got back, I decided that before I got to work, I would edit the photos from mine and Jack’s trip to the Sea Life Centre yesterday, and of course half way through editing them, the programme decided to keep crashing. Stressful af. I eventually got them edited and up on Facebook, and then tried to get on with this uni work, but then of course my period decides that this is the perfect time to start. This isn’t particularly surprising, it is due (although for me, the fact it has decided to come on time IS somewhat unusual!), but it’s just annoying and I’d hoped that stress would mean it wouldn’t come for a week or so.

So then it was squirming around on the bed trying to get comfy time, which concluded in me having a little two hour nap, as you do. When I woke up I thought I should probably go get some dinner as by this point it was about 8pm. And what do I find? The dicks on my floor have stolen my food. AGAIN. A few weeks back I had a 300g bar of chocolate that Jack bought me for my birthday taken from the fridge. Today potato waffles from the freezer, gone. All I had carb wise aside from that was 4 measly onion rings, so that had to do me for tonight. And an angry email got sent to management (who have already emailed back promising to review the CCTV in the morning, although that did nothing last time!) And of course because of hormones, I got very upset and emotional over this theft, and all I wanted was hugs from Jack who wasn’t here. But he was great, and managed to calm me down and make me feel better over Facebook, which was lovely. Not as lovely as him being here, but nothing can be done about that unfortunately.

After dinner, my vagina decided it was gonna turn into a tap for a little bit, so I had a nice 20 minute toilet trip (in the dark because the light in there is broken, AGAIN.) which was not fun. I always laugh when I see those things about how much blood women lose during their periods, because it’s always pathetically small compared to what I actually lose. They’re always like this is how much blood a women loses in the entire week of her period, and I’m just sat here like, bitch please. If it’s a particularly heavy month like this one, I can lose that much blood in a few hours! And then there’s the issue of showers and baths. People are always like, you can shower and/or have baths whilst you’re on your period because the water pressure stops the bleeding. No. It doesn’t. The flow is just too heavy. I have turned the bath water red before because being able to have a bath whilst on your period is something you apparently should be able to do, but my body just wasn’t having any of it.

Then after my womb had decided to calm down and let me get up without gushing everywhere I finally got a bit of work done. But my room is literally melting temperature right now, so I had to have a bit of a breather to go outside and cool down slightly with an ice lolly.

And now I’m procrastinating working again by writing this. But as soon as I’ve taken some pain killers, I will get right back to work, promise!