A Winter Packing Day

I’m moving house in a few weeks, so today I decided that I should start trying to pack up stuff that I knew I wasn’t going to use before then. I didn’t get very far. I’m currently living out of one room, so it’s not like I’ve got mountains to pack. It’s just that whilst I don’t have loads of stuff, I also don’t have loads of places to put stuff either.

I’ve managed to fit all my jumpers, winter pyjamas, scarfs, hats and a throw into my suitcase… just. There is no way the rest of my clothes will all fit into my large carry bag and rucksack, so I’m either going to have to hope there’s space in the big box, or leave some and come back for them later (I actually have the room until the end of August and I’m already planning on leaving books I’ve borrowed from uni until a later date so it wouldn’t be that much of a disaster).

Then I realised that I wanted to pack books away. They’ll be going into the big cardboard box that is currently masquerading as a bedside table. Except I used this box to get stuff up here when I moved in, and the moving people absolutely wrecked the bottom of it (luckily I’d padded with my duvet so nothing was broken)! So before I put ANYTHING in it, I’m going to need to patch it up again with parcel tape, and I only have regular sellotape right now, so no book packing for me tonight!

Last time I moved, I sent two boxes of stuff with movers and half of it I hauled across the country by train. My journey was eventful: I almost fell down the escalators on the underground; me and most of my stuff got soaked by a faulty air conditioner on the train, and a nice passer by had to help down the road from the bus stop at the other end when I almost had a break down in the middle of the street. Then the next day, I was nicely settled in my new room and waiting for the rest of my stuff to arrive. Only when it did turn up, they managed to only deliver the smaller of the two boxes, meaning I had to spend forever on the phone trying to track down the rest of my stuff. Not the smoothest of moves. Luckily, my friend is helping me with the move this time around, so the experience should be much less stressful!

Have you guys had any moving/courier nightmares? What about the worst travelling experience you’ve ever had? Let me know in the comments.


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