An Enquiring Day

(I know, I know I haven’t posted anything for over a month! I’m awful. I had an assignment due so I was spending all my time working on that and then, because I’d had a few days of not writing I got out of the swing of things. But enough of that, here’s today’s story of the day.)

So for a while now I’ve been searching for these biscuits I used to love, but couldn’t remember the name of. I didn’t know if I couldn’t find them because they’d been discontinued, or if they’d just changed the packaging and I wasn’t recognising them. Today, after extensive Googling, I found out what they were, and decided to send a message to the manufacturers, it read:

So I was trying to remember the name of a biscuit that I used to absolutely adore but hadn’t had for ages. I’d looked around all the major supermarkets thinking I’d know them when I saw them, but had no luck. ‘They’ve probably just changed the packaging,’ I thought to myself. So I turned to Google, which was easier said than done when you can’t remember the name of something. ‘Biscuits like hobnobs but honeycomb,’ I typed, pulling up the only bit of solid information about them I could remember. Nothing, so I trawled through biscuit companies, trying to jog my memory. Then I reached you. ‘FOX’S!! I’m sure they were Fox’s,’ but nothing on your website. I returned to Google disappointed, this time searching ‘Fox’s biscuit like hobnobs but honeycomb.’ Suddenly, half way down the page, a word jumped out at me: Ambers. YES!! That was it! I search again, Fox’s Ambers. A single supermarket comes back with a result. Waitrose. I click the link. Words I dreaded seeing flash up on screen. ‘This item is currently unavailable for ordering.’
Why Fox’s, WHHYYY?? Why did you stop making these beautiful biscuits. And the Praline ones. And the Caramel? What do you expect me to eat now? McVities Hobnobs?? Pleeaase, I beg you, BRING BACK THESE BISCUITS!!
Yours sincerely,
A very hungry customer

What were your favourite foods when you were younger? Any discontinued ones? Ever try and get them brought back? Let me know in the comments!


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