A Productive Day

You know it’s been a productive day when you end up writing your blog post for the day at 1:30am the following morning!

So, yesterday (!) I actually got myself down to the library. I didn’t get myself there until about 11, because first it took me forever to wake up and second I went via Asda to get library suitable snacks (which may almost be gone already!), but I got there. And there was actually study space available, which is always nice!

I sat in the library for about 3 hours and got my script extracts written and sent them to my lovely Mum for proofreading. Then I came home, and had some lunch.

Now, here comes the unproductive part. There is a reason I go to the library when I want to get shit done, and that’s that in the library I will actually work, whereas at home I will procrastinate like crazy. So my afternoon, mostly consisted of watching YouTube videos, scrolling down Facebook, Tumblr andTwitter, and reading pointless articles and lists.

Then it was dinner time (chicken stew, yummy) which I timed perfectly so I’d be sitting down with it as Doctor Who started… except of course it was the FA Cup so Doctor Who wasn’t at 7:15pm like it has been, it was 7:45pm instead (and it actually didn’t start until just gone 7:50pm, damn football!)

And then finally, after dinner, and Doctor Who, and doing the washing up, and getting ready to stick a wash on (I couldn’t actually stick a wash on until half an hour later as someone was already using the machine), finally after all that, I got on with the next part of my project. Which I was struggling a little with, until I came up with the technique of pretending I was talking to Jack and telling him all about my project idea, and then it went swimmingly!

And now I have finished that part too! So I just have a 2,500 word report left to write and 2 days in which to do it! Although God knows what time I’ll wake up tomorrow after not going to bed until who knows what time tonight. I still have to change some bedding! So I shall bid you good night, and after the usual fight with the duvet I will try and get some sleep!



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