A Sweltering Day

Today was hot. And I don’t just mean ‘going out without a coat on’ hot, I mean ‘melting into a puddle on the floor’ hot. It was so hot that I had to stop working after lunch, to go down to Argos and buy a fan for my room. The fan has been on for about 8 hours now and the temperature has decreased a grand total of one, maybe two degrees. Still it helped a lot when I first put it on which was something at least.

Other than that, not a lot really happened today. I bought more potato waffles to compensate for the ones I had stolen yesterday, and bought myself a pizza at the same time because who can be bothered to cook properly in this heat?

And of course I got on with my project for uni. Well I say got on with, I think I’ve procrastinated it more than I’ve done it, but I still have one part finished, and over 1,000 words of the next part, so progress is being made. Now the aim is to get a considerable amount more done of the second part tonight before I go to sleep. Then venture to the library tomorrow for some reading, so I can get the report done. And then there is one final part to do, but I need my tutor to email me the example before I can do that, so that bit will definitely come last!

And in a strange turn of events, I am currently having an amicable conversation with my father. I think I must have been transported into a parallel world, so I shall have to leave you there, so I can try and find my way back to reality!


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